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How to Register for the Ice Show

Registration can be completed online from TBD, via our website -- just as you would register for your regular skating sessions. You will need to register for the appropriate ice show program AND enter your skater’s measurements and sizing for costumes. 

Skaters’ measurements must be added to their skater profile prior to registering to ensure proper costume fitting.

Fee: There is a $TBD ice show fee for PreCan and Canskate (including Pre-Bronze & Academy). The base fee for STARskaters & Competitive skaters is $TBD , plus an additional $TBD fee for each optional number added (including Opening, Closing & Synchro). This fee partially covers the following:

    • Costumes
    • Ice time rental for practices
    • Coaching fees for practice
    • Music
    • Decorations
    • and many other misc items related to running the ice show

Step 1: Measure your Skater

You will need to measure your child in advance of registering online.

The measurements required are:

  • Chest in inches
  • Waist in Inches
  • Hips in Inches
  • Height in Inches
  • Weight in lbs
  • Average Clothing size. (Example, Children’s size 10; Adults medium)

Step 2: Enter your Skater’s measurements


  • Click “Login” in the top right-hand corner – enter your username and password to proceed

  • Click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner, then select “My Participants”. Click on the participant’s name that will be taking part in the ice show

  • Ensure that your skater’s first name and last name appears as you would prefer in all printed materials for the Ice Show (including group lists and final printed programs).

  • Skater`s information – Please fill in ALL parts of the sizing in your skaters profile. Parents are responsible for all sizing information (we can only order costumes based on the information you provide, we cannot be responsible for incorrect information).

  • Update all relevant information regarding the skater’s measurement details and allergy information. All measurement fields are required. Please be sure to inform us of your skater’s serious allergies or other special requirements to help us offer a comfortable environment for everyone.

  • Click “Update”

Step 3: Register for the Ice Show

  • Click on “Register” in the main navigational bar

  • Either type “Ice Show” in the Quick Search box near the top or scroll through the programs to find Ice show– be sure to select the proper Ice Show Registration that is appropriate for your skater’s level, Canskate (includes PreCan, PreBronze and Academy) or Starskate, then click “Register”.

  • Click “Confirm and Register” if you are not registering for any other programs and follow the instructions for payment.

  • Remember if your STARSkater wishes to be in the opening or closing, they must register for each ice show number separately. These numbers are all optional and are for certain levels only. Please refer to the information outlined below to ensure you are registering for the correct number(s):

    • Gold, Silver, Bronze - STARskaters and Competitive skaters will be put into groups based on their regular session level (TBD).  Skaters must have the required tests for these levels by the close of registration (TBD) to be eligible to skate with that group.  Should a level have excess skaters for a group number, the coaches may split the skaters into smaller groups at their discretion.
    • Opening Act - TBD
    • Closing Act - TBD

      Note: Solos & Mini-Groups will be confirmed by the Coaches/Executive outside of this registration process. 

  • All skaters that are on a Synchro Team and will also be taking part in the ice show, will also need to individually register under their Team Name during the registration process.

Important Notes:

  • You will be prevented from registering in an ice show category your skater is not eligible for.
  • Registration will open, TBD (for STAR & Competitive) & Wednesday, January 24, 2018 (for Pre-Can, CanSkate, Academy & Pre-Bronze). Registration will close TBD, as the grouping of children and the ordering of costumes early February. We will not accept late registrations. If you are unfamiliar with measuring, you can drop by the skating office during our skating sessions and we can assist you!

The deadline for registering for the ice show is TBD. It is important that we receive all registration and sizing information by the deadline so that we can order the costumes on time. If you do not register online, we can only assume that you are NOT participating in the ice show. After this date it will be too late to add a skater to a group or to order a costume.