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Hello Members!

Please see the following announcement:

Notice of Annual General Meeting
CBS Skating Club
Tuesday, June 25th at 7:00pm

To be held at the CBS Arena Warm Room.

Notice of Annual General Meeting


Nominations for Board Positions are being accepted for the following positions:
· Vice President (2-year term)
· Treasurer (2-year term)
· Events Director (1-year term)
· Club Development Director (1-year term)
· Program Director (1-year term)
If you or someone you know are interested in one of these positions, please send the below
information to before June 20, 2024.
· Nominees name and email address
· Nominators name and email address
· Position title
· Short description about the Nominee
Also, up for renewal, as decided by the CBS Skating Club coaches via electronic vote:
· Coaches Representative
· Athletics Representative
If you have any questions about any of these positions, please email us at:
Voting at the AGM
The following individuals are eligible to vote, with the restriction that each person can only
cast one ballot:
· An Individual Member (non-skating member who has paid fees and is over 18 years of
· An Active Member (skater over 18 years of age)
· A Special Member (a parent of an active member under the age of 18)
· Club Coaches.
Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws
The Board is not proposing any Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws.
Roles/Descriptions of those board positions up for renewal.


Additional Information


Link to the description on Volunteer Positions


Link to Register - Coming Soon