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Learn to Skate Programs

CBS Skating Club's program categories are designed to suit the skill levels, experience, interests and ambitions of particular groups of skaters and reflect the program structure offered by Skate Canada nationally.

Skaters who enjoy skating and wish to pursue their interest after they have learned the basic elements with our Learn to Skate programs are encouraged to join our figure skating programs. These programs are a natural progression after completing CanSkate and vary from recreational skating to competitive figure skating on the provincial and national stage.

Programs Offered

CanSkate  • Academy CanSkate • Pre-Bronze • Adult-TeenSkate • CanPowerSkate

Program Purpose Participants Class Options for 2017/18 Tests
CanSkate Learning to skate Ages 3 - 12

(skaters must be 3 years old by the end of the skating term)

Available 2017/18
- Fall Season 
(10 sessions)

- Winter season
(10 sessions)

Pre-Can - Stage 6

Badges & ribbons for basic skills


Designed for skaters who show potential and are eager to be fast tracked into our figure skating program while still learninig the basics of CanSkate.

• Passed CanSkate stage 2

• Identified by coaches 
  with an aptitude for
  Figure Skating. 

• Must wear Figure Skates

• Eight years of age and younger (as of July 1)

Available 2017/18

 - Fall/Winter Season (10 sessions) 

Stages 3-6

Badges & ribbons for basic skills

Pre-Bronze  Designed for skaters CanSkate Stages 5 to STARSkate 1 who are focuing on the transition from the CanSkate Program in the STARSkate program. • Fully passed CanSkate Stage 4

Available 2017/18

 - Fall/Winter Season (10 sessions) 

Stages 5-6 & STAR 1

Badges & ribbons for basic skills

Adult-TeenSkate  Designed for teens and adults to learn how to skate
or improve their skills
• Beginners ages 13 
  to adult

Available 2017/18

 - Fall/Winter Season (10 sessions) 

Badges & ribbons for basic skills

Instructional skating for hockey/ringette skaters focusing
on balance, power, agility, speed & endurance

• Already have forward/  
  back/stop mastered

Not available

Bronze, Silver or
Gold award bars


Descriptions of our Program Options for 2017/18


Skaters will be taught the basic skating skills - how to stand, fall down, get up, balance, move forward and backward - with a focus on continuous movement through fun activities to keep skaters interested in learning. The skater to coach ration on the ice is 10:1 or less. (Not a prerequisite for CanSkate).  Skaters must turn 3 years old by the end of skating term.


This program is designed for beginners of all ages. The focus is on fun, participation and basic skill development. Returning skaters (Stages 1 to 6) and those skaters new to the program but can at least stand and move forward on their own with little to no help. (Coach ratio on this ice is 10:1 or less)

Academy CanSkate

This program is designed for skaters eager to move into the figure skating programs. Skaters must be identified from our CanSkate program by coaches as having an aptitude for and interest in skating. An evaluation session will be setup prior to registration. Skaters in this program skate two sessions per week (One Academy session and one Accelerated CanSkate session of their choice). The focus of the Academy session will be figure skating elements and has a lower ratio than our regular CanSkate sessions.


Pre-Bronze is the transition between our Learn-to-Skate and Learn-to-Figure Skate programming.  The sessions are specifically designed for those skaters who are interested into moving into our Figure Skating after their completion of CanSkate.  The pre-requisite to join our Pre-Bronze program is the full completion of Stage 4 CanSkate (working on Stages 5 to STAR1). 

This program focuses on the transition from the CanSkate Program into the STARSkate Program while helping our skaters complete their final stages of CanSkate and their STARSkate 1 elements.  Included in the cost is the coaching fees as our pre-bronze skaters will be taught by our Professional Coaches in a group format. 

Adult/Teen Learn to Skate

The basic CanSkate program offered in a mature and easy going session for skaters over the age of 12. Stages 1 to 6. The skater to coach ratio is 10:1 or less.

Off-Ice Training

Off-Ice Training is provided in a group setting, usually in our warm room.  During the session skaters will work on agility and strength training, core and balance work, athletic/skating related games specific to skating skills. 


This is an action-packed, high-energy instructional skating program geared towards hockey and ringette skaters that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance.

Note: We are looking for experienced hockey coaches.  Please send your resume to