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The STAR competition program (STARSkate) is comprised of five different levels of events for skaters who have completed the CanSkate program.  It introduces participants to key components of figure skating including performance, assessment, and competition. STARSkate provides a gradual introduction to performing elements and programs in a non-competitive environment.  It also provides feedback for each element and program component (Merit, Bronze, Silver, Gold).  STAR 1 to 5 fits into the Learn-to-Train level of Skate Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTADM).

Each stage of this national program emphasizes key skills such as turns, stroking, jumps, spins, and different aspects of performance that have been designated by figure skating experts as necessary for development and progression in our sport. It is important to note that every skater is unique and will advance at different rates due to various factors such as growth spurts, interest, fitness level and participation.  To accommodate individual needs, the STAR 1 to 5 competition program is designed to be fluid and allow skaters to progress at their own pace, even skipping levels if appropriate; skaters may move through several levels in a season or stay at the same level – it’s all dependent on individual athlete development!  At all stages and levels, parents should discuss their skater’s progress with their coach to determine the best options for them. The chart below provides a brief description of each level:





Group Elements Event

Introduces skaters to performing elements like jumps and spins in a fun group environment with their coaches. Skaters receive an evaluation sheet and ribbon based on their performance.


Evaluated Program

Skaters now take many of the elements they learned in STAR 1 as well as new skills and perform them in a program in front of judges. Many skaters may learn a program in a group and even share music. Like STAR 1, skaters  receive an evaluation sheet and ribbon.


Evaluated Program

STAR 3 continues to build on the skills learned in STAR 1 and 2. More difficult elements like an axel jump are added and judges evaluate the programs based on more challenging criteria.  Skaters also receive an evaluation sheet and ribbon.


Ranked Program

Axels are encouraged at this level and receive a bonus for successful completion. STAR 4 serves as a transition point between evaluated levels and competition incorporating a points system. Assessments are used to produce a ranking for each group of competitors. Each skater receives an evaluation sheet with top finishers in each group receiving either a ribbon or medal.

In STAR 1-4, skaters are evaluated against a national standard by a panel of certified judges. Each element they perform receives an assessment of Gold, Silver, Bronze or Merit as well as an overall standing.


Ranked Program

Skaters may perform double jumps at this level. STAR 5 is the first time skaters are rewarded points for elements and performance; it is the same scoring system used to judge top competitive figure skaters. Skaters are ranked based on total points and are provided a detailed evaluation sheet. Top finishers receive medals.

Transition to STAR - Pre-Bronze

In CanSkate sessions our skaters follow circuits and lesson plans with the continuous support of coaches and program assistants.  STAR is the next step, and skaters work more independantly and in semi-private and private lessons.  To ease with this change in teaching styles the CBS Skating Club offers Pre-Bronze Sessions. 

Pre-Bronze is the transition between our Learn-to-Skate and Learn-to-Figure Skate programming.  The sessions are specifically designed for those skaters who are interested into moving into our Figure Skating after their completion of CanSkate.  

This program focuses on the transition from the CanSkate Program into the STARSkate Program while helping our skaters complete their final stages of CanSkate and their STARSkate 1 elements.  Included in the cost is the coaching fees as our pre-bronze skaters will be taught by our Professional Coaches in a group format. 

The pre-requisite to join our Pre-Bronze program is the full completion of Stage 4 CanSkate - working on Stages 5 to STAR1. 

After STAR 1-5

Skaters may choose to continue in higher levels of the StarSkate program (Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, etc.) or transition into in CompetitiveSkate (Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, etc.). Skaters may also explore ice dancing, pair skating, interpretive skating, or synchronized (team) skating.  There are many opportunities for skaters and the best path for athletes to take should be a decision made collaboratively (child, parent and coach).