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The CBS skating club typically registers for the SCNL Synchronized Skating Provincials usually held in March and the Elizabeth Swan Memorial Competition at the end of January/beginning of February.

All teams will be required to travel to this competition (location varies throughout the province year-to-year). The teams will all be assigned a practice time and a competition time at the competition stadium. Traditionally the practice time is Friday morning of the competition weekend. This means if the competition is out-of-town that the team may need to travel to the location on the Thursday evening.

Competiton Fees/Coaching Fees:

As with all skating competitions, there is a fee to enter. With synchro, the fee is for a team and will be divided based on the number of skaters on the team, therefore your fee may be different than another skater on a different team. Fees also change based on the category entered due to extra ice time and skating times. Coaches also charge a fee at competitions (this is with any competition). If travel is required then the skaters are responsible for paying their travel costs (gas), accommodations and food expenses. This will also be split per skater. 

Travel & Accommodations

CBS Skating Club Sychro teams will be travelling as a team to SCNL Synchronized Skating Provincials (location varies year-to-year).  The location is determined by the provincial office.   Travel expenses are to be paid for shared amongst all skaters.

When the competition is out of town, accommodations are typically secured at the location for the team. These expenses are also shared amongst all skaters and the number of nights is dependant upon the competition schedule and the closing ceremonies (up to three nights). For skaters under 10 we will assign rooms with 2 parents and 2 skaters. For skaters 10 and over we will do the same if space allows, otherwise room assignments will be 3 skaters, one chaperone. Cost of rooms will be divided per skater. Chaperones will not be required to pay cost of hotel. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please let us know. All room assignments are determined (and must go) through the club, although special requests are considered. After all the skaters have been placed we will release any extra rooms to families of skaters using a draw system. You are not permitted to call the hotel personally to book a room in the block of rooms that the CBS Skating Club has reserved, anyone who does so will have your reservation cancelled.

2017/18 Season

The 2017/18 SCNL Synchronized Skating Championships will be held in Torbay during the weekend of March 2/3 2018.  We will also be participating in the Elizabeth Swan Memorial Synchro Competition being held in Corner Brook on the weekend of Feb 3, 2018.