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CBS Skating Club Presents Blades on Broadway! 

We are so excited for an afternoon of showcasing the talent of our many amazing skaters! Check out this page for information and updates on our 2024 Ice Show as they become available! 



Doors Open 1:00pm / Show Starts 2:00pm

Tickets will be available at the door starting 1:00pm

First of all, THANK YOU for your patience today as we navigated through the madness of Dress Rehearsals. All Parent Volunteers for CanSkate Groups should now have their ticket for show access as well as an overview of their roles. We send a HUGE THANK YOU to those parents for stepping up to help; I guarantee you will have a very rewarding experience.  



·      They must be in their assigned dressing rooms by 1:30PM.

·      Once skates and helmet are on, please SIGN IN your child with the parent volunteer and proceed to the stands to watch the first half of the show.

·      When INTERMISSION begins, please proceed back to the dressing room, and SIGN OUT your child to watch the second half of the show with you.

Dressing Room assignments have not changed, they will be the same as today!

·      Dressing Room #5 - CanSkate Group C (Rock of Ages)

·      Dressing Room #6 - CanSkate Group D (The Lion King)


·      Your Child will watch the first half of the show with you in the stands.

·      When INTERMISSION begins, please proceed to your assigned dressing room.

·      Once skates and helmet are on, please SIGN IN your child with the parent volunteer and proceed to the stands to watch the second half of the show.

·      When the show is over, please proceed back to the dressing room, and SIGN OUT your child.

Dressing Room assignments have not changed, they will be the same as today!

·      Dressing Room #5 - CanSkate Group A (Beauty & the Beast)

·      Dressing Room #6 - CanSkate Group B (Billy Elliott)


·      If you own skate guards, please ensure that your child wears them, some areas are not 100% matted for blade protection.

·      No Flash Photography


Dressing Room assignments have changed slightly for tomorrow to allow adequate washroom access for all skater groups off their dressing rooms.  

SHOW DAY Dressing Rooms

#8 – STAR Men

#7 - Free

#6 – CanSkate A & CanSkate D

#5 -CanSkate B & CanSkate C

#4 – Pre-Juvenile (STAR 4) Synchro Team

#3 – STAR 1 Group

#2 – STAR 2 Group / Juvenile Synchro (STAR 6)

#1 – STAR 3 Group / Pre-Novice (STAR 8) Synchro

With many skaters in multiple groups and some quick changes with the schedule, please ensure that you are back to the curtain in adequate time.

For those New-To-STARSkate, we do ask that no parents are in the dressing rooms to avoid congestion and other children changing. However, they are permitted to come in to help with a quick change if needed but the parent does have to be of the same sex. Males are not permitted in female dressing rooms, and females are not permitted in male dressing rooms at any time. Should you need a space, we do have full access to the referee dressing rooms as well (DR 4 & 7 are available to all).

Also, STARSkaters will be watching the show from the stands with all their peers if they’re not on the ice or changing. They typically sit to the right side just beside the curtain, so they can see the show and be ready to go on at a moment’s notice. This is something that they all look forward to and enjoy the most – celebrating, enjoying the show with their skating friends.


·      ALL Skaters should be in their dressing room area no later than 1:30PM

·      No Flash Photography

·      Group 2 (Wicked/Oz) – Don’t forget to wear a long shirt tucked in or bodysuit.

·      Group 3 (Hairspray) – We have 2-way tape to keep those vampire collars down 


This is a CELEBRATION of ALL Skaters and ALL Achievements – Take ALL the pictures, Smile, Be Proud and HAVE FUN!

Please see the order of performances for the show:



CS Group C


Synchro 6


CS Group D




Synchro 8




Blake & Callie



CS Group B


Synchro 4


CS Group A

Closing (STAR G3)


Please Click Here for Ice Show Groups and Practice Schedule

Dress Rehearsal Information:

Dress Rehearsal will be taking place on Saturday, April 27th.

Here is your DRESS REHEARSAL Schedule:
9:00-9:50        Soloists (practice)
10:00-10:20     STAR Group 1 (Kinky Boots)
10:20-10:40     STAR Group 2 (Oz/Wicked)
10:40-11:05      STAR Group 3 (Hairspray)
11:15-11:45       Opening
11:45-12:30      Soloists
12:40-12:55     CanSkate A (Beauty & the Beast)
12:55-1:10        CanSkate B (Billy Elliott)
1:10-1:25           CanSkate C (Rock of Ages)
1:25-1:35          CanSkate D (The Lion King)
1:45-2:00         STAR 8 Synchro 
2:00-2:15         STAR 4 Synchro
2:15-2:30         STAR 6 Synchro
DR#8 - Photographer
DR#7 - CanSkate A and CanSkate D
DR#6 - CanSkate B and CanSkate C
DR#4 - STAR Men
DR#3 - STAR Group 1 & Pre-Juvenile Synchro (STAR 4)
DR#2 - STAR Group 2 & Juvenile Synchro (STAR 6)
DR#1 - STAR Group 3 & Pre-Novice Synchro (STAR 8)
Just a friendly reminder: Dress Rehearsal will be a busy and hectic day so please come with a little patience and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled ice practice with costumes on. 
Skates and helmets should be on for at least 10 minutes before your skater is due on the ice. Once skates are on, please proceed to the stands. You can meet your child back in the dressing room after their practice and group photo. 
Any group parent volunteers can check in at the office for their Free admission ticket and acquire the information needed for Show Day. 
If you are in STAR Group 3, please wear your group 3 costume for opening practice. We already know that your solo dresses work on the ice and you will not have time to change. 
If you are on 2 synchro teams, you do not need to change your synchro dresses; Please leave your current one on for the next practice immediately following.

Calling all Volunteers!

Thank you to all those who have signed up to volunteer at our ice show. 
We still need a few spaces filled, especially our CanSkate group Parent Volunteers 
(Note: You will still get to watch the show & your ticket is FREE)
Please sign up to volunteer by clicking >>>HERE


Costume Pickup:

Please see the chart below for your skater costume pick up date and time.

Pick Up Date & Time

Group Name

Sunday April 21st

2:15PM - 2:45PM

CanSkate Group B

CanSkate Group C

Monday April 22nd

5:00PM - 6:00PM

STAR Groups 1-3


Thursday April 25th

5:45PM - 6:15PM

CanSkate Group A

CanSkate Group D

Friday April. 26th

5:15PM - 5:45PM



All costume pick up will be located near the lower-level entrance of the CBS Arena and reflect one of the 2 practices for that group.

We will not have costumes from other groups on hand, only those costumes that are scheduled for that time in particular.  

All costumes not claimed at their scheduled pick up times will be available at the FINAL PICK UP on Friday April 26th

Costumes are Costumes – they will not all fit perfectly, sometimes we will need to adjust them.

Some costumes do not match the ‘size’ selected but the ‘size measurements’ do reflect that.  

If you have any costume questions or concerns, please email us as costume pick up can get hectic and information lost or forgotten.

We are ALL Volunteers doing the best we can, please be patient & kind!

Please Click Here for Detailed Costume Information


Ice Show Photography:

Murray's Media ( ) is pleased to provide an opportunity for individual photos of your skater.  

Individual skater black backdrop photos are $20 and include 3 poses (digital copies provided) as well as a FREE digital copy of the corresponding group number photo.  

Payment can be made by cash on site or in advance through EMT 

Please include the SKATER'S NAME in the EMT message.  

Photos will take place at the CBS Arena during dress rehearsal on Saturday April 27, 2024. **Dress Rehearsal Group Schedule will available soon**

To secure your individual photo session, please fill out the information form below. 

A scheduled time will be emailed to the email address you provide on the form prior to dress rehearsal. 


Ice Show Video: 

Memories Forever will be on site during the Ice Show to do a video recording of the show.

To purchase a digital copy of the USB Video please send $40 EMT to:

In the EMT message please include the following:

·      Payment for USB 2024 CBS Skating Club Ice Show

·      Name/Mailing Address/Postal Code/Phone No.

*Please Note: The CBS Skating Club is not responsible for incomplete information you provide or transactions. Any inquiries you will need to contact the business(s) above directly.


Wall of Messages: 

This year, we would like to offer you the opportunity to acknowledge your skater at the Ice Show.

We want to create a “Wall of Messages” for everyone to see and read throughout Dress Rehearsal and the Ice Show. When the Ice Show is over, skaters can take their messages down and bring home to keep.

Messages are for ANY SKATER from ANYONE for ANY REASON throughout the skating season, that you feel should be recognized and feel special for. No reason is too big or too small to notice!

Some Congratulations Ideas could be:

·       Special Award/Medal

·       Showing up to every practice

·       Learning to tie your skates

·       Trying or accomplishing something new

·       ANYTHING that makes their skating season special

Messages are $10 per message with No Limit to how many you can purchase.

DEADLINE is Thursday April 25th at 12:00 Noon.

How Do I Purchase A Message?

STEP 1. Submit your message to

STEP 2. Log into your Skater Account-Click on Shopping Cart-Click on Purchase Products-Pay Your $10 Skater Message Fee

Note: Messages will not be posted if the fee is not paid!

Let’s spread all the Comments, Kindness & 5 STAR Broadway Reviews to our Skaters!


Ice Show Ticket Information: 

Tickets can be purchased at the CBS Arena box office only and will be open for sale during the following times:
• Saturday April 27 10:00am – 2:00pm
• Sunday April 28 1:00pm – 2:00pm



Q: When is Dress Rehearsal and Where?

A: This Saturday - April 27th at the CBS Arena.

Q: Is my CanSkater in the OPENING?

A: The opening number if for STARSkate only. CanSkate skaters do not need to attend any ‘Opening’ practices.

Q: What do I do with the headband/ears in the costume bag?

A: Please bring to dress rehearsal and we will use 2-way tape to stick to your helmet.

Q: Is it too late to send in a Wall Message for the ice show?

A: No, it is not too late, we will be accepting messages until Saturday.

Q: Who will be with my CanSkate child, I can’t leave them alone in the dressing room during dress rehearsal?

A: Parent Volunteers and Coaches/PA’s will be with your child during this time – they will never be alone. We also will have many club volunteers around if you have any questions.