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Figure Skating Programs

Figure Skating programs are for our CBS skaters who have completed all their levels in CanSkate (in our Learn to Skate programs).  These skaters enjoy skating and want to continue to learn new and more complex skating elements. 

CBS Skating Club's program categories are designed to suit the skill levels, experience, interests and ambitions of particular groups of skaters and reflect the program structure offered by Skate Canada nationally.

Skaters who enjoy skating and wish to pursue their interest after they have learned the basic elements with our Learn to Skate programs are encouraged to join our Figure Skating programs.  These programs are a natural progression after completing CanSkate and vary from recreational skating to Competitive Figure Skating on the provincial and national stage. This chart provides a quick overview. 

Programs Offered

 • STARSkate • CompetitiveSkate • Synchro 

Program  Purpose Participants Coaching Tests Class Options 2017/18 Competitions
STARSkate Progression through defined skill levels in the different disciplines Skaters ready to advance through skills, tests, achievements, recognition Private & 
Group lessons
STARSkate test levels in four disciplines

- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze
- Pre-Bronze

& Speciality Programs

Competitions from local through provincial and Atlantic levels
Competitive Skate Training for competition & for competitive-level tests in the different disciplines More advanced skaters who want the challenge of competition Private & 
Group lessons
More demanding competitive-level tests

- Gold
- Silver

& Speciality Programs

Competitions from local through national and international levels
Synchro Skating in groups of 8+ skaters performing group formations and maneuvers. Beginner (CanSkate Stage 4 with a min of 1 ribbon) to advanced skaters Team n/a

- Adult I
- Adult III
- Intermediate
- Pre-Novice
- Juvenile
- Pre-Juvenile
- Elementary  
- Beginner-2
- Beginner-1

Competitions from local through national and international levels


Descriptions of our Session Options for 2017/18

Freeskate Sessions

Program  Requirement/Description

Max. Numbers 

Bronze  Passed CanState Stage 6


 ->  Bronze/Silver

 Passed STAR 1 Freeskate
   but not passed the
 Complete Junior Bronze or the STAR 5 FreeSkate Test

11 Bronze
11 Silver


Passed the Preliminary Freeskate Test (Program & Elements) or
Passed the STAR 3 FreeSkate Tests (Program and Elements)

 ->   Silver/Gold

Passed the Junior Bronze Free Skating Test (Program & Elements)  or
Passed the STAR 4 FreeSkate Tests (Program & Elements) 

6 Silver
12 Gold


 Passed Complete Sr.Bronze Freeskate, Senior Silver Dance or Skills or scored 18.00 in FreeSkate.



During a session labeled as a Freeskate session skaters are overseen by their private coaches.

It is up to each skater’s coach how their lesson time and structure is organized. If you require assistance finding a private coach please contact us at

The registration fees for these session covers the ice time for freeskate. (If there is a group session in conjunction with this Freeskate session the cost of this will be included as well - Please see below)


Speciality Sessions

Program  Requirement/Description

Max. Numbers 

Group Sessions

We are pleased to offer group sessions throughout the week for all STARSkate/Competitive levels. These sessions will be lead by our club’s professional coaches and will rotate through lesson topics that include Spin Technique, Jump Technique, Edge Development, Endurance, Building Power, Creative Expression and more.

The registration fee for this session covers ice time and coaching and is included in the cost of the corresponding freeskate session for that day.


Spin Sessions

The Spin session will give our Silver and Gold skaters an opportunity to work on their spins in a group setting. During this session led by our professional coach’s skaters will be placed into groups based on level which will rotate through several stations that will cover all basic spin variations, technique, variations and much more.

Coaching fees and ice time are included in the cost.

Bronze Development

This Session is for skaters who have completed CanSkate Stage 5. Any STAR 1 skater who has not completed 2 or more STAR 1 Assessments (Freeskate, Skills and/or Dance) is required to register for at least one of the three STAR Development sessions per week. The cost of coaching is included in the registration for this program.