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CBS Skating Club Fees 2020/21

Please note: Program fees do not include the Skate Canada Annual Membership Fee of $43.65 which will be added per skater.

Fundraising Fee

There will be no fundraising fees this season 

Skate Canada Fee - $43.65

This fee includes the Skate Canada Registrant fees, Safe Sport fees and Participant Insurance.

Respect in Sport - $12 

Paid on the on the Respect in Sport Website. (Association Name: South Conception Bay)

All families are required to complete Respect in Sport. This is the same course as CBR Minor Hockey and can be linked.  

Fee for Pre CanSkate Partner - $10

This fee is for insurance purposes for the bubble partner that skates with Pre CanSkate participant. 


2020-2021 Regular Season Program Fees

Synchro Fees

Session Total Fee
Beginner $315.00
Elementary/Pre Juvenile $315.00
Juvenile/Pre Novice $315.00
Adult $330.00

Fees include the cost of ice time for the session as well as the coaching for the on-ice and off-ice classes.

Synchro Deposit: The $100.00 Synchro Deposit has been deducted from the registration amounts. (Ex. Adult 3 Synchro is $ however the current registration amount is $)

Alternates: Alternates only pay 50% of the registration fee. If you are an alternate please select pay in person and email and I will edit the fee for you.  

CanSkate Fees


Total Fee
Pre CanSkate  (23 weeks) $299.00
Pre CanSkate (22 weeks) $286.00
CanSkate 1-6 $374.00
Pre Bronze $440.00 

Registration fees can be paid in 5 equal instalments.


STAR/Competitive/Pairs Fees


Session Name

# of sessions

Total Fee

Monday Bronze 23 $529.00
Monday Gold 23 $667.00
Tuesday Bronze/Silver 23 $529.00
Tuesday Gold/Silver 23 $667.00
Wednesday Gold 22 $484.00
Wednesday Silver 22 $462.00
Thursday Gold 23 $598.00
Thursday Bronze 23 $506.00
Friday Bronze/Pre Bronze 22 $440.00
Friday Silver 22 $440.00
Sunday Gold 22 $484.00
Sunday Bronze 22 $440.00
Sunday Silver 22 $440.00

This fee includes the cost of ice time and coaching for the group sessions. These fees do not include private coaching for the Freeskate portion.


2 sessions 15%

3 sessions 30%

4 sessions 40% 

5 sessions 45%


Cancellations & Refunds

Please refer to the Rules and Policies page in the Our Club section of the website for refund and cancellation policies.