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Rules & Policies


1. Payments, Cancellations & Refunds


Payment Methods

All prices and purchase invoices are in Canadian dollars ($CDN). All club programs and services offered by the CBS Skating Club are delivered in the province of Newfoundland, Canada and as such are subject to applicable provincial and federal taxes.

The CBS Skating Club accepts credit card payments for online registration only.

Any purchases or payments outside of online registration must be made in cash or cheque. This is due to the high fees incurred by the Club when accepting payment by Visa/Mastercard.

Any returned cheque will be charged a $25 administration fee. A second returned cheque within a year may result in CBS Skating Club’s refusal to accept any further cheques for a period of one year.

Shipping & Delivery

All items for purchase on the CBS Skating Club’s website are for CBS Skating Club program registrations and related fees only. All programs will take place at the location indicated in the program registration. We do not offer any products for purchase on this site. No products will be shipped or otherwise delivered. No goods will be exported.


Cancelled sessions due to weather will only be made up in the case of facility closure. Make-up sessions will take place at the end of each program, but not necessarily on the day that your child would normally skate - it will depend on ice time availability. We update our website on a regular basis and if sessions are cancelled due to weather, we will try our best to post it on the website by 2:00 p.m.

If your child misses a session due to sickness, vacation, etc., we do not allow them to make it up on another day. Your child is only permitted to attend the day that they registered for. All of our sessions are normally full and we have a limit as to how many we are allowed to have on the ice at a time. No refunds or credits are provided for missed sessions.


Learn to Skate

During registration:
Any reason
Full refund
Notification to the Club one hour prior to the close of registration.

Up until end of week 2:
Any reason
Full refund, less:
- $100 administration fee*
- proration of sessions skated
Notification to the Club prior to the beginning of the third week of skating

After week 2:
Medical reasons
Full refund, less:
- $100 administration fee*
- proration of sessions skated
A medical note and immediate notification to the Club

Figure Skating

During registration:
Any reason
Full refund
Notification to the Club one hour prior to the close of registration

Prior to end of first session :
Any reason
Full refund, less:
- $100 administration fee*
- proration of sessions skated
Notification to the Club prior to the end of the first session of skating

After first session:
Medical only
Full refund, less:
- $100 administration fee*
- proration of sessions skated
A medical note and immediate notification to the Club

* Administration fees include the SkateCanada membership fee which is non-refundable and non-transferable.


2. Codes of Conduct


Skater Code of Conduct

As Skate Canada member, the CBS Skating Club is committed to ensuring that all skaters have the opportunity to participate in a safe and welcoming environment that is encouraging, respectful and promotes their overall development.

Skaters are expected to adhere to the rules listed below while participating in any club-sponsored function including competitions, practices, travel and social activities:

1. I will show respect to all athletes, parents, officials, coaches, volunteers and stadium staff at all times.
2. I will not use foul language.
3. I will not engage in any form of harassment against other athletes, coaches, parents or officials.
4. I will not engage in destructive gossip regarding coaches, staff, parents, athletes or officials.
5. I will not use banned substances, illegal drugs, and alcohol or tobacco products.
6. I will not break any laws.
7. I will not engage in any activities that could endanger or hinder other athletes, or cause damage to property.
8. I will not leave practice or CBS Skating Clubf functions without permission from the coach, official or chaperone.
9. I will listen to my coach.
10. I will know my practice schedule and will be on time. This means being at the rink at least 10 minutes before practice starts.
11. I will help with set-up and clean up as requested by my coach.
12. I will bring the required equipment to practice as outlined by my coach.
13. To avoid de-hydration, I will bring a bottle of water to practice and competitions.
14. I will maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding junk food and ensuring I get enough rest.
15. When travelling for competitons, I will follow rules outlined by the coaches and chaperones.
16. Internet websites, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, on which people socialize and exchange information, shall not be used to post remarks or pictures that can be considered inflammatory, degrading, or in poor taste toward any other student athlete (CBS Skater or otherwise), coach or volunteer.
17. I will have fun and promise to advise my coach or parents if this isn’t the case.
18. I am representing the CBS Skating Club and will always support my team and be a positive role model.
19. I am aware that failure to fulfill these obligations could result in dismissal from practices, up to and including termination of membership.

Parent Code of Conduct

The CBS Skating Club is committed to providing a supportive environment in which all individuals (athletes, coaches and families) are treated with respect. As a result, parents/guardians are expected to adhere to some basic guidelines which are provided below:

1. I will conduct myself at all times in a manner consistent with the values of The CBS Skating Club, which include fairness, integrity and respect. This pertains to interaction with all athletes, other parents, officials, volunteers and coaches.
2. I will refrain from comments or behaviours that are disrespectful, offensive, racist, abusive or sexist.
3. I will not engage in destructive gossip regarding coaches, staff, parents, athletes, volunteers or officials. Internet websites, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, on which people socialize and exchange information, shall not be used to post remarks or pictures that can be considered inflammatory, degrading, or in poor taste toward any other student athlete (CBS Skater or otherwise), coach or volunteer.
4. If I have questions or concerns with respect to my child’s skating program, I should contact my child’s coach directly. Any further concerns will be directed to the appropriate Technical Director. If my concern is still unresolved, I will contact the club’s President.
5. I will not approach coaches or officials at the rink during practices. Instead, I will arrange to meet with coaches before or after the sessions.
6. I will ensure that my child arrives at practice on-time.
7. I will encourage a healthy lifestyle including nutritious foods and adequate sleep.
8. I will be supportive of my child and the team at all times, regardless of performance level.
9. I understand that volunteer organizations, such as The CBS Skating Club, depend on the energy and goodwill of parents to fulfill numerous essential roles. When I have an issue with my parent representative, organizers or Board members, I will respect that these are all volunteers working on my child’s behalf. If I feel the need to take issue with any member of our “team”, I will do so privately and directly with the people involved. If resolution is not achieved, I will contact the club’s President.
10. I will ensure that my skater understands that internet websites, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, on which people socialize and exchange information, shall not be used to post remarks or pictures that can be considered inflammatory, degrading, or in poor taste toward any other student athlete (CBS Skater or otherwise), coach or volunteer.
11. I will support my skater and the CBS Skating Club by volunteering my time to assist in competitions, social events and fundraising activities.
12. I will also have fun!
13. I understand that failure to comply with these Codes may result in disciplinary action as determined by the Board of Directors, up to and including termination of membership.



3. On-Ice Policies


On Ice Expectations

In order to maintain the highest standard of safety on the ice and to ensure adequate working conditions for all skaters, it is expected that all skaters will abide by the following rules. These rules will be enforced reasonably by club executive and by the coaches. Any infraction may warrant an initial warning. Any serious infraction will result in a skater being suspended for the remainder of the day.

1. No drinks, food or gum are permitted at the ice level.
2. Only water bottles are acceptable.
3. Prevent accidents, skaters must keep moving during all skating sessions. When a fall occurs, skaters are encouraged to get up immediately.
4. Inappropriate language on or off the ice (in the dressing room) will not be tolerated.
5. Be courteous to your fellow skaters. Please read Ice Etiquette Policy regarding the courtesy guidelines for our club.
6. Respond immediately and courteously to directions of the coaches.
7. The CBSSC will not be responsible for any injuries sustained during the skating seasons.
8. Do not leave valuables of any kind in the dressing rooms. The club will not assume any liability for loss.
9. Skaters unable to attend a session must notify their coach.
10. Skaters are expected to be on time for their sessions.
11. Skaters must receive permission from a coach to leave the ice during a session.
12. All skaters on the session are required to participate in stroking, as scheduled, unless excused by a coach.
13. Appropriate skating attire must be worn on the ice at all times. No jeans, scarves, loose clothing or hooded sweaters.
14. Tissues must be disposed of properly in a garbage container.
15. Guards must be worn off the ice to protect the blades.
16. Skaters are asked to have their music available prior to the start of each session.
17. Dressing rooms must be cleared of any debris after each session. Failure to do so may result in the loss of dressing room use.

Ice Etiquette Policy

The following basic guidelines must be observed for safety, and to ensure that everyone can make effective use of their ice time. Remember you are not out there alone and each person needs to be responsible for everyone else’s safety.

1) Courtesy
First and foremost is courtesy. It is essential to respect the rights of other skaters and be constantly aware of who is around you. If you seem to be surrounded by skaters of significantly greater or lesser skills, be especially careful! Strive to avoid collisions!

2) Right of Way Guidelines
a. Right of way goes to the skater who doesn’t see the potential for a collision: We all try to give way to skaters performing programs or taking lessons, but safety is the most important factor. Just because your music is playing doesn’t give you the right to put anyone in danger.
b. Lessons: Skaters are often looking at their coach when they would otherwise be looking around the ice. Attention is divided.
c. Programs: Complicated choreography and fatigue make it more difficult to avoid collisions. Learn to listen to the music and know which music goes with which skater. After some time, it’s also possible to learn some of the patterns in others’ programs, e.g. a straight line diagonal footwork sequence goes with the boom/boom/boom part of the music, etc.
d. Spins: You can’t see anything when you’re spinning. Never skate close to a spinning skater, even if your music is playing. Always give spinners enough space to change positions into a camel spin (e.g. don’t skate close to a sit spin because it may not be a sit spin anymore when you get there).
e. Competitions/Test Days: During the week prior to a competition or test session, skaters competing or testing will have priority over those not competing or testing.

3) Know where skaters are likely to jump – Lutz Corners
Avoid standing, spinning or teaching in the Lutz corners or near the boards where edge jumps will take place. Remember that the approach to a Lutz is long and blind. The skater doing the Lutz is not likely to see you.

4) Falls and Injuries
If you should fall get up quickly. Remember that the other skaters will have a much harder time seeing you when you are down low on the ice. Don’t stay there any longer than you have to. If you see someone else is that has fallen and may be injured, don’t just drag them off without being certain that doing so won’t hurt them further. If you suspect that someone is seriously hurt, the best thing to do is,
• Have someone stand “guard” over them to make sure that other skaters avoid collisions with them; and
• Get a qualified adult to come and help them. A blanket or warm-up jacket/sweatshirt laid over them might help to keep them warmer while waiting for a qualified person help to arrive.
5) Don’t try to run or hide
Trying to “outrun” a faster skater won’t help you get out of the way. Skate in a direction other than their path of travel while keeping them in your line of sight. And, hiding doesn’t work. Trying to stay out of the way by only skating at the end of the rink or near a corner is not effective. The most “out of the way” place on the ice is on the red dot smack in the center. Skating only at one end along the hockey lines or in the corner makes it difficult for others to jump.

6) Don’t Stand Around
Keep moving at all times. Refrain from standing around and visiting on the ice. This wastes expensive ice and presents an additional hazard for other skaters to avoid.


4. Position Statement on Bullying


Bullying is a form of harassment and is considered to be “personal harassment” as defined in the Skate Canada Membership Complaint Policy section 9. (c). Skate Canada’s complaint policies are contained in the Policies and Procedures section of the rule book available on the Members Only portion of the Skate Canada web site under Technical & Programs > Rules > 2013 Official Rule Book > Policies & Procedures > Bylaws.

Statement of Intent

Skate Canada strongly condemns bullying, will not tolerate bullying by any of its members and is committed to raising awareness of this issue and preventing and eliminating bullying behavior within Skate Canada. Skate Canada recognizes that bullying can have a serious adverse impact on personal dignity, self-esteem, confidence, personal safety, performance, enjoyment of skating and of life itself.

All Skate Canada members have the right to participate in a safe, supportive and caring environment free from harassment and they have the responsibility to contribute to the protection and maintenance of this environment.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is a form of personal harassment and includes physical or verbal abuse that occurs once or repeatedly and may involve an imbalance of power. Bullying is intended to hurt and humiliate the victim and may include:Insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures

• Insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures
• Rude or vulgar language or gestures
• Shouting, yelling, swearing, name-calling
• Persistent unwarranted criticism
• Public ridicule
• Verbal, written or physical threats and intimidation
• Hitting, kicking, pushing or other types of forceful physical contact
• Bullying may occur in-person or through electronic means including e-mail, texting and social media.

What to do if you are Bullied?

If a member has experienced bullying behavior, or has witnessed another member being bullied, the member may submit a complaint to the Complaint Review Officer at the Skate Canada national office as per the process in the Skate Canada Membership Complaints, Hearing and Investigation Procedures Policy.

Clubs and Skating Schools

Skate Canada recommends that all of its member clubs and skating schools post this document on their club/school notice boards and/or web site and make it available for members upon request. Every member club and skating school will inform its athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers of this document and will encourage victims of bullying, and the parents of victims of bullying, to bring forward these items as per the above mentioned process so that all necessary and reasonable steps to stop and prevent bullying behavior can be taken.


5. Guest Skating & Partial Members


Partial Members

Partial members of the CBS Skating Club are skaters who are registered for a program offered by the CBS Skating Club but are registered through Skate Canada with another organization. The following list indicates policies for partial members:

• Club funding is not available to partial members.
• Priority for Speciality and Off-Ice programs will be given to Full-time Club Members, Partial members can then register if there is space.
• Priority for Simulations and Test Days will be given to Full-time Club Members, Partial members can then take part if there is space.
• Partial members can participate in certain group numbers in the Ice Show.
• Partial members are not eligible for a Solo or a Core Group numbers during the Ice Show.
• Partial members are not eligible for any CBS Skating Club Awards.
• Partial members pay the same guest skating rate as Club members.

Guest Skaters

All STARskaters and Competitive skaters are welcomed to guest skate at the CBS Skating Club under the following policies.
1. All guest skaters must email the club ahead of time and receive confirmation in writing to reserve their spot.
2. Skaters may only guest skate on session that is not at it’s maximum capacity of skaters.
3. Skaters can only guest skate on a session for which the meet the requirements.
4. The cost of guest skating for CBS Club members and partial members is $15.00 per Freeskate session or $20.00 per Freeskate and accompanying Group Session.
5. The cost of guest skating for non-CBS Club members is $20.00 per Freeskate session or $25.00 per freeskate and accompanying Group Session.
6. All guest skating fees must be paid prior to the start of the session.
7. There will be no guest skating permitted for non-CBS Club members 1 week (the Sunday before) before a competition of which skaters on that sessions will be competing.
8. Coaches of guest skaters are welcomed to accompany their skater on the session.


6. Ice Show Policies


1. All skaters taking part in the Ice Show must be registered by the set registration deadline. Late entries will not be accepted.
2. Refunds requests for Ice Show Participants will only be accepted for 7 days after the registration deadline. After this time refunds will no longer be available.
3. Skater groupings will be determined by coaches based on set criteria.
4. Music will be selected and assigned by coaches.
5. Costumes and themes will be selected and assigned by coaches.
6. The length of each number will be left to coaches discretion.
7. Costumes and themes will be selected and assigned my coaches.
8. Assigned groups, music and costumes are final and cannot be changed.
9. Partial members of the CBS Skating Club will be permitted to skate in certain group numbers. They are not entitled to a solo or special group numbers (Closing and Mini-Groups).
10. During the Dress Rehearsal and Ice Show only accredited skaters, coaches and parent volunteers will be allowed in the dressing rooms or at Ice level. Any parents interested in volunteering must sign up ahead of time and will be assigned a duty.

Solo/Feature Skater Selection Policy

To provide the Board of Directors with some criteria for the selection of solo/featured skaters in ice shows. The selection is based on giving priority to the higher-level skaters who have had success in competition as well as having the opportunity to promote lower level skaters who have achieved excellent results.

Criteria for Selection
The basis for the selection criteria is recognition of ranking of skaters by competition level combined with medal results as it takes a longer dedication to the sport to even reach the higher levels. It is also believed that different levels have different events which are the priority so each level is given only one event rather than have some events count twice.
Please note:
· This only includes results in Singles, Pairs, and Dance Categories.
· Partial members do not qualify for a solo.

Soloists are chosen according to the following list of priorities:

1. Skaters who qualify for Challenge, Nationals or
Canada Winter Games
2. Sectionals / Pre-Juvenile to Senior / Gold
3. Sectionals / Pre-Juvenile to Senior / Silver
4. Sectionals / Pre-Juvenile to Senior / Bronze
5. Provincials / /Pre-Juvenile to Senior / Gold
6. Provincials / STAR 4 to Gold / Gold
7. Provincials / Pre-Juvenile to Senior / Silver
8. Provincials / STAR 4 to Gold / Silver
9. Provincials / Pre-Juvenile to Senior / Bronze
10. Provincials / STAR 4 to Gold / Bronze
11. Skaters who qualify for NL Winter Games
12. Atlantic Qualifiers / Pre-Juvenile to Senior
13. Atlantic Qualifiers / STAR 5 to Gold
14. Divisionals / All Categories / Gold
15. Divisionals / All Categories / Silver
16. Divisionals / All Categories / Bronze
17. Invitational / STAR 4+ / Gold
18. Invitational / STAR 4+ / Silver
19. Invitational / STAR 4+ / Bronze

In the event of a tie, the skater in the higher category will be given the solo. Categories with multiple age brackets at Provincials will be ordered from youngest category to oldest.

* The Coaches and Executive can recommend to the board other skaters for small group inserts. These may include medallists from other competitions, award winners or skaters who achieved a medal result at Provincials but had not been competing during sectionals for their event to fall in the table.


7. Appeals Policy


The purpose of this appeals policy is to enable disputes with members to be dealt with fairly, expeditiously and affordably, within the Club, without recourse to formal legal and court-like procedures.

Scope of Appeal

1. Any member of the CBS Skating Club who is affected by a decision of the Board of Directors, of any Committee of the Board of Directors, or of any body or individual who has been delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the Board of Directors, will have the right to appeal that decision, provided there are sufficient grounds for the appeal. Examples of decisions that may be appealed are those relating to eligibility, harassment, team selection and discipline.
2. This policy will not apply to decisions relating to:
a) Matters of employment
b) Infractions for doping offenses, which are dealt with pursuant to the Canadian Policy on Doping in Sport and the Canadian Doping Control Regulations.
c) The rules of figure skating, which may not be appealed.
d) Discipline matter arising during events organized by entities other than the CBS Skating Club, which are dealt with pursuant to the policies of these other entities.

Timing of Appeal

Members who wish to appeal a decision will have 21 days from the date on which they received notice of the decision, to submit in writing notice of their intention to appeal, grounds for the appeal and a summary of the evidence which supports these grounds, to the board of the CBS Skating Club.

Grounds for Appeal

Not every decision may be appealed. A decision cannot be appealed, nor can an appeal be heard, on substantive grounds relating to the merits of the decision. Decisions may only be appealed, and appeals may only be heard, on procedural grounds. Procedural grounds are strictly limited to the Respondent:
a) Making a decision for which it did not have authority.
b) failing to follow procedures as laid out in the bylaws or approved policies of the Club.
c) making a decision that was influenced by bias.

Screening of Appeal

Within 5 days of receiving the notice and grounds of an appeal, the board will determine whether there are appropriate grounds for the appeal to proceed.
If the appeal is denied on the basis of insufficient grounds, the Appellant will be notified of this decision in writing, giving reasons. This decision is at the sole discretion of the board and may not be appealed.

Appeals Panel

If there are sufficient grounds for an appeal, within 14 days of having received the original notice of appeal the board will establish an Appeals Panel (the “Panel”) is as follows:
The Panel will be comprised of three individuals who will have no significant relationship with the affected parties, will have had no involvement with the decision being appealed, and will be free from any other actual or perceived bias or conflict.

Procedure for the Hearing

If a hearing is requested by the panel, the follow steps will be taken.
a) The hearing will be held within 21 days of the Panel’s appointment.
b) The Appellant and Respondent will be given 10 days’ written notice of the date, time and place of the hearing.
c) A quorum will be all three Panel members.
d) Decisions will be by majority vote.
e) If the decision of the Panel may affect another party to the extent that the other party would have recourse to an appeal in their own right, that party will become a party to the appeal in question.
f) Any of the parties may be accompanied by a representative or advisor including legal counsel.
g) The Panel may direct that any other person participates in the appeal.

Procedure for Documentary Appeal

Where the Panel has determined that the appeal will be held by way of documentary submissions, it will govern the appeal by such procedures as it deems appropriate provided that:
a) All parties are given a reasonable opportunity to provide written submissions to the Panel, to review written submissions of the other parties, and to provide written rebuttal and argument.
As a general rule, the Panel will only consider evidence that was before the original decision-maker. At its discretion, the Panel may hear new evidence that is material and that was not available at the time of the original decision.

Appeal Decision

Within 14 days of concluding the appeal, the Panel will issue its written decision, with reasons. In making its decision, the Panel will have no greater authority than that of the original decision-maker.
The Panel may decide:
a) To reject the appeal and confirm the decision being appealed.
b) To uphold the appeal and refer the matter back to the initial decision-maker for a new decision.
c) To uphold the appeal and vary the decision where it is found that an error occurred and such an error cannot be corrected by the original decision-maker for reason of lack of clear procedure, lack of time, or lack of neutrality.
d) To determine how costs of the appeal, excluding legal fees and legal disbursements of any of the parties, will be allocated, if at all.
A copy of this decision will be provided to each of the parties and to the President. If the circumstances of the dispute are such that this policy will not allow a timely appeal, or if the circumstances of the disputes are such the appeal cannot be concluded within the timelines dictated in this policy, the Panel may direct that these timelines be revised.

Final and Binding

The decision of the Panel will be final and binding on the parties and on all members of the CBS Skating Club.


8. Privacy Policy


Personal Information

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. Personal information includes information that relates to their personal characteristics (e.g., gender, age, income, home address or phone number, ethnic background, family status), their health (e.g., health history, health conditions, health services received by them) or their activities and views (e.g., religion, politics, opinions expressed by an individual, an opinion or evaluation of an individual). Personal information, however, does not include business information (e.g., an individual’s business address and telephone number), which is not protected by privacy legislation.


Personal information will only be collected by CBS Skating Club to meet and maintain the highest standard of organizing and programming the sport of Figure Skating. Our club collects personal information from members, partial members, coaches, officials, participants, team managers and volunteers for purposes that include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Name, address, phone number, cell phone number, fax number and e mail address for the purpose of communicating about programs, events and activities.

• NCCP number, education, resumes and experience for database entry at the Coaching Association of Canada to determine level of certification and coaching qualifications. Skate Canada number to determine level of certification, coaching qualifications and registration confirmation for appropriate level of pay.

• Personal health information including provincial health card numbers, allergies, emergency contact and past medical history for use in the case of medical emergency.

• Athlete information including height, weight, feedback from coaches and trainers, performance results for athlete registration forms, outfitting uniforms, media relations, and various components of athlete and team selection.

If a purpose has not been identified herein, the CBS Skating Club will seek consent from individuals when personal information is used for a purpose not already consented to. This consent will be documented as to when and how it was received.


By providing personal information to the Club, individuals are consenting to the use of the information for the purposes identified in this policy. Personal information such as registration data and athlete information will be retained for a period of two (2) years after an individual has left a program of the CBS Skating Club.



9. Fundraising Policy

Guidelines and Policies

This committee was created to help both synchro and single/competitive skaters to fundraise for money that will help offset expenses incurred throughout the season.

Our guiding principle: There is a limited amount of money that we are seeking to access with a small community. Fundraising monies should provide for an equitable basic level of fundraising for each skater.

All skaters who will be fundraising this year are required to pay $40 fundraising fee to the Club.


Fundraising coordinator duties:

  • Lead and organize the fundraising committee
  • Help plan and organize any board approved fundraising events
  • Bring fundraising ideas to the board and attend board meetings as required
  • Work with treasurer to ensure all necessary information and funds are allocated
  • Bank deposits
  • Prepare annual statement for the AGM
  • Vote on committee decisions
  • Chair fundraising meetings

Fundraising treasurer duties:

  • Work with coordinator and ensure all fundraising monies are accounted for
  • Consult with all managers and prepare a monthly statement setting out all income and expenses in relation to fundraising
  • Consult with club’s treasurer and attend board meetings as required
  • Bank deposits
  • Prepare annual statement for the AGM
  • Vote on committee decisions

Synchro team managers duties:

  • Maintain a spreadsheet with team members names, fundraising efforts and expenses
  • Maintain any additional expenses for skaters who also compete as a competitive skater
  • Report to treasurer on a monthly basis
  • Help with organization and carrying out of a variety of fundraising events
  • Receive and reconcile payments for fundraising events and return to treasurer at specified money drops
  • Vote on committee decisions

Single skater manager duties:

  • Maintain a spreadsheet with individual skaters (ONLY), fundraising efforts and expenses
  • Report to treasurer on a monthly basis
  • Help with organization and carrying out of a variety of fundraising events
  • Receive and reconcile payments for fundraising events and return to treasurer at specified money drops
  • Vote on committee decisions

Director of Club Development/Programs duties:

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Hold discussion with the committee on various issues
  • Vote on committee decisions as a Core Executive member of the committee
  • A majority vote of those present shall be sufficient to decide any question.


  • Please be mindful of your budget for the season and fundraise accordingly.
  • Review of your account can be done with your manager, upon request.
  • It is recommended that skaters do not exceed their required amount as there will be NO refunds of any excess fundraising money at the end of the year.
  • Updated skater account spreadsheet should be sent out to skaters from their respective managers on a monthly basis.

Excess Fundraising money

  • Any monies raised by a skater will be retained in that skater’s account.
  • Money remaining at the end of the season can be carried over by the skater to the following season.
  • If the skater chooses not to skate for a season, any monies in that skater’s account will remain until the following season to be used by that skater if s/he returns.
  • If the skater does not return, monies will be divided amongst those members of the skater’s team with whom the monies were raised.
  • Fundraising money can only be transferred between immediate family members (ie. parents and siblings).
  • Money can only be transferred to individuals who has already paid the $50 fundraising fee.

Eligible uses for fundraising money:

The following is a list of costs of travel to and from competitions which are sanctioned by Skate Canada:

  • Cost of transportation: 
            - Flights, hotels and buses
            - Team meals
  • Competition registration
  • Choreography
  • Music
  • Extra ice
  • Extra coaching
    - This will cover official competition practices, simulations and simulation fees and the day of competition fees
  • Competition attire (on ice)
    - Competition outfit (supplier of choice)
    - Nude body liner as per requirement of team (From Club Approved Supplier)
    - Tights (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Warm Up/Off Ice Practice Wear from suppliers chosen by the club from year to year
  • Black warm up jacket (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Black warm up pants (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Black warm up tank top (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Special competition wear (i.e. Atlantics Jacket) (Supplied by SCNL)
  • Garment bag with logo (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Winter jacket (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Team skating bag (From Club Approved Supplier option with or without club logo)
  • Team scarves (From Club Approved Supplier)
  • Any additional items deemed necessary by coaches that are not on the list above can be covered using fundraising money if purchased through the board approved supplier.

Coach travel expenses

  • Manager travel expenses
    -Flight, bus and hotel for one synchro manager
    -No travel expenses can be claimed by the singles manager
  • Seminar registration
  • Ice Show skater registration
  • *Any special circumstances will be considered by the board on an individual basis. Any requests for exceptions must be forwarded to the fundraising coordinator and the board for approval.

Management of expenses: 

  • Skater will communicate with the responsible manager for all expenses
  • All reimbursements will require receipts (PDF preferred) along with a copy of the club’s expense form (attached to this document)
  • These expenses are then submitted to your team manager
  • All EMT’s sent to or received from the Fundraising Treasurer will be charged $1.25 per
    transaction fee

Skaters will report to one manager only:

  • Skaters who skate with one synchro team and don’t skate competitively, will go to synchro team’s manager for all issues
  • Skaters who skate with one synchro team and skate competitively, will go to the synchro team’s manager for all issues
  • Skaters who skate with more than one synchro team and don’t skate competitively, will go to the highest level synchro team’s manager for all issues
  • Skaters who skate with more than one synchro and skate competitively, will go to the highest level synchro team’s manager for all issues
  • Skaters who skate only competitively, will go to the singles/competitive manager for all issues

Fundraising efforts:

  • All fundraising is optional
  • As a participant to individual fundraising efforts, you agree to adhere to all dates/deadlines or penalties may apply
  • Fundraising efforts will be communicated by the team managers and/or the Fundraising Coordinator



10. Synchro Policies & Contract

CBS Skating Club Synchronized Skating Contract 2020/2021:

Attendance is extremely important in a team sport like synchronized skating. The skater should clearly understand the commitment to their team, coach and club before the beginning of the season. It is important to note the highest degree of attendance and focus is necessary during the competition season.

Skaters should skate at least one additional session per week aside from their synchronized skating team.

The progress of the team depends on the regular attendance of every skater.  Absences affect the entire team. Each skater has a specific place and role.  One person missing changes the entire routine and placement of skaters. The routine cannot be practiced in the most effective way.

The coach MUST be notified by text or email as soon as possible if a skater must miss a scheduled practice. This allows the coach preparation time to organize the practice for the least amount of disruption for the other members of the team.

Skaters must dress in all black for practices. Snug leggings or tights, non-hooded tops without scarves are to be worn. Hair should be tied back from the skater’s face with fingernails clipped so as to prevent injury to another skater. Jackets and/or gloves may be worn, but will need to be removed whenever advised to so. Medical alert necklaces are preferred to bracelets, if at all possible.

For competitions, skaters are to wear a black fitted zippy embroidered with the club logo as well as black pants to and from the competition site. Only skaters attending out of province competitions may be required to purchase a special practice outfit.

Costumes must be maintained in good condition or the skater will be asked to purchase new items. Skaters are not permitted to wear their team costume for individual use until that synchro program has been retired. Skaters are permitted to sell a costume in any manner only after the program has been retired. By accepting a position on the team, a skater has agreed to not to attempt to sell their costume until it has been retired.

The cost of costumes for an entirely new program, including shipping and alterations, will be shared equally among the team. Any skater leaving the team after costumes have been ordered will be responsible for the payment of their costume.

Any skater leaving a team at the beginning of the second year of a program will be given the opportunity to sell their costume for 50% of the original cost should a new skater require the use of it.  All skaters will try on all available costumes to determine which is the best fit for each individual so as to minimize the need for alterations for the second season of use. Any necessary alterations will be arranged by the team manager.  Any alteration costs will be divided equally among the existing team. Any skater requiring a new costume will be responsible for paying 100% of the cost.

The team, if in full agreement, may attempt to sell the costumes as a package deal after the program has been retired. 

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted during on and off ice practices or at competitions while engaged in organized team activities. Managers will not collect phones.

A skater’s performance, both on and off the ice, must be acceptable to the coach for the skater to be eligible to participate in competitions. Skaters are required to attend all off ice and on ice practices, including any additional practices scheduled outside of the regularly allotted time slots.  Additional practices, if deemed necessary, will be scheduled with as much notice as possible.  Additional costs will also be charged to each skater to cover extra ice and coaching fees.

Tryouts will be held in April every year for all teams. Skaters are permitted to try out and skate on more than one team.  Skaters, once offered a position on a team, will be given an offer letter with a deadline for accepting their positions in writing.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 per team is due immediately upon written acceptance in order for a skater’s team position to be confirmed.

All skaters must attend all competitions in which the team participates, unless permission has been given in writing by the coach before the season begins.  All skaters are required to be respectful at all times while at a competition.

Each skater’s club and team account must be current for a skater to be eligible to try out for a team and skate in competitions. Team managers will be responsible for sending an itemized budget at the beginning of every season. A schedule of payments to the team account will be provided at the same time of team budget release in October of the upcoming season. No refunds will be issued if a skater is either dismissed or leaves the team. Their account must be paid in full to remain in good standing with Skate Canada.

Skaters with full spots on two teams will pay full registration for both teams.  They are also responsible for the full share of competition registration, coaching fees, coach and manager travel expenses, apparel and so forth for each position they hold.

Skaters holding an alternate position will pay 50% of club registration for the team on which they are an alternate. They are responsible for paying full fees, as mentioned above, for any full team position they hold in addition to that of the alternate position.

Coaching fees and travel expenses, for a coach and one team manager, for a competition will be divided equally between all team skaters attending the competition. Any skater choosing to skate on two teams will be responsible for paying an equal share of fees for each team they represent. Other expenses, such as choreography, hair supplies, makeup and so forth will also be divided equally among all members of each team.

By completing and signing the Synchronized skating team agreement, I/We agree to pay the full registration fee to the club at the time of registration for the upcoming season, regardless of how many sessions are actually attended. 

I/We understand that in addition to the regular dues, there will be additional financial commitments specific to the team.  All bills must be paid as directed by the Team Manager and/ or Fundraising Treasurer. A detailed payment schedule will be made available at the beginning of the season.  I/We understand that all skaters are expected to make deposits to their team account prior to competition.  No account will be permitted to be in arrears.

I/We have read and understood the contents of this contract.  I/We agree to comply with the practices and principles outlined and understand and accept consequences for non-compliance.