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Technical Director

Kathryn Petten

In addition to her coaching position, Kathryn is employed as the Club's Technical Director. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Technical Director works to create, implement and maintain high quality instructional skating programs consistent with the needs and interests of CBS SC and on par with Skate Canada’s Operating Standards. 


Club Administrator 

Kara Roberts

Kara provides administrative support to the Board and works with Board members on scheduling, registration, public relations, and event planning.


Parent Program Coordinators 


Krista Fowler

The CanSkate Parent program coordinator communicates any concerns from parents to the Program Director who reports and follows up with the Board. The CanSkate Rep also assists the coaches and the Board with the running of the CanSkate sessions, for example, recruiting volunteers to help with set up, gate supervision, as well as passing out and collecting pinnies.

STARSkate and Competitive 

Nicole Smith

The STARSkate Parent  program coordinator communicates any concerns from parents to the Program Director who reports and follows up with the Board. The STARSkate Rep also assists with planning a STARSkate parent meeting at the beginning of the season to welcome parents.


Kelly Thorne

The Synchro Parent program coordinator communicates any concerns from parents to the Program Director who reports and follows up with the Board. Will work with the Synchro Coaches, Synchro Coach Coordinator and Team Managers to oversee the operations of all Synchro teams. The Synchro Rep also assists with planning a Synchro parent meeting at the beginning of the season to welcome parents. 


Committee Coordinators


Public Relations Coordinator

Emily Thorne

The Public Relations Coordinator works with the Club Development and Program Director and is responsible for updating the Club's social media accounts and for maintaining the Club website.

Skater Development Coordinator

Hayley Dalton

The Skater Development Coordinator works with the Club Development and Program Director to plan and implement activities and events to benefit skaters' skill development including assessments, testing, and off-ice training.


Assessment Coordinator

Roxanne Jackson

The Assessment Coordinator works with the Club Development and Program Director to ensure that testing required for skaters is scheduled and carried out. This includes arranging judges and volunteers, scheduling tests, collecting money, submitting test documents to Skate Canada, and maintaining Club records of tests.

Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport Advocate:

Represents the interests of the membership and communicates to the board any concerns brought to them. Concerns can be brought forward in a confidential manner. 

Respect in Sport Coordinator

Assist the board with any Safe Sport activities including Respect in Sport. Support the board in ensure all members have completed the Respect in Sport Training. Support the board to ensure all volunteers who will work with youth skaters have completed a RNC Code of Conduct certificate


Board Executive

As a member of Skate Canada, the CBS Skating Club is bound by the rules, regulations and policies of Skate Canada. In accordance with the Club’s Constitution, the Club is run by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteers elected from the club membership and one representative from the coaching team. The Board is assisted by parent representatives and committee co-ordinators in the day-to-day operation of the Club. The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss club management and operations. An Annual General Meeting is held every Spring to elect officers to the Board and to communicate and vote on matters pertinent to the general membership. Any adult member or parent of a member is eligible to run for a position on the Board.



Andrea Canning

The Club President acts as chair of all board and general meetings, and chairs the finance committee. The President generally presides at all meetings, represents the club publicly, and represents the club in matters concerning Skate Canada (nationally and provincially) as well as the Avalon Region. The President also oversees the booking, cancellation, and maintenance of ice time, as well as the scheduling and registration of all club programs.


Leanne Hefford

The Vice-President assists the president in their duties and assumes their duties and officiates when necessary. The Vice-President acts as liasion with the club coaches, and arranges coaching for all programs, in consultation with program administrator and the board. The Vice-President represents the club at monthly Avalon Region meetings, and is responsible for all necessary reporting to Skate Canada and the Section, including overseeing proper documentation by coaches.


Leona Wicks

The Club Treasurer manages the club funds and is responsible for submitting an annual budget. The treasurer signs all club cheques, oversees all club financial records, administers all payroll and accounts payable, and provides an annual financial statement.



Lori Hogan

The Club Secretary deals with all correspondence subject to board approval including taking and distributing minutes at all meetings, maintaining a record of all meeting minutes, overseeing all correspondence for the for the board or the club, and ensuring all pertinent information is presented to the board. 

Coaches Representative

Jennifer Osmond

The Coaches' Rep acts in the best interest of all coaches and ensures this interest is represented in matters pertaining to policies, procedures, and individuals. The coaches' rep ensures all club coaches have the necessary qualifications for the tasks they are performing.

Events Director

Kim Soper

The Events Director oversees the scheduling and planning of special events such as tests days, competitions and the Ice Show, and is responsible for checking the Skate NL website on a regular basis looking for important information that may need to be passed on to parents.

Club Development Director

Angie Winter

The Club Development Director oversees all initiatives related to Club Development such as Fundraising, and Public Relations. 

Programs Director


The Programs Director oversees all initiatives related to Club Programs and will ensure parents have been informed of all opportunities for their skaters. They will oversee the operations of all skating programs including: CanSkate, STARSkate and Synchro.

Athletics Representative


The Athletics Rep is appointed by the Club's coaches, subject to approval by the Board, and acts as a representative for all skaters in the Club.