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2019/2020 Season

Registration for the 2019/20 season is ongoing. The full list of available sessions, as well as the session descriptions can be found further down this page, below the calendar. Please visit our Fees page for a full breakdown of registration fees for this season.

If you are registering for figure skating programs and you aren’t sure which level to register for, please check with your coach.

If you do not have a coach you can find coaches who are accepting new skaters on the Coaches page of our website, or you can contact our technical director Matt for assistance

Available Sessions
Session Descriptions

Important Dates:

October 2 / Season Start
October 19-20 / Cancelled (Rebecca Pack)
October 31 / Cancelled (Halloween)
November 23 / Cancelled (Agnes Thistle)
December 5-15 / Curling (All CBS Arena sessions cancelled - Dec 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13 & 15)
December 23-26 / Cancelled (Christmas)
December 31-January 1 / Cancelled (New Years)
January 18-19 / All STAR & CanSkate Cancelled (Divisionals)
January 31-February 1 / Cancelled (Elizabeth Swan)
March 6-7 / Cancelled (Synchro Provincials)
April 10 / Dress Rehearsal
April 11 / Ice Show

This calendar is subject to change. Any updates to the schedule will be updated on the Master Schedule below and notices will be emailed.

Available Sessions 2019/20

PreCan / CanSkate


5:25-5:55 / CanSkate Select Off-Ice
6:10-6:55 / PreCan & CanSkate Stage 1-6

6:05-6:50 / CanSkate Stage 1-6

3:30-4:15 / PreCan & CanSkate Stage 1
4:25-5:10 / CanSkate Stage 2-6


Session Requirements: Completed CanSkate

4:50-5:20 / Bronze Off-Ice Warm-up
5:30-6:20 / Bronze FreeSkate & Cool Down

4:00-4:30 / Bronze Group Warm-up
4:30-5:20 / Bronze FreeSkate & Cool Down

6:25-6:55 / STAR Off-Ice
7:05-7:50 / STAR Development

4:25-5:10 / Bronze Off-Ice
5:20-6:00 / Bronze FreeSkate
6:00-6:10 / Bronze Group


Session Requirements: Passed All 3 STAR 1 Assessments

6:20-6:25 / Silver/Bronze Warm-up
6:25-7:10 / Silver/Bronze FreeSkate
7:10-7:50 / Silver/Bronze Group

6:10-6:40 / Silver/Bronze Spin*
*Specialty session - must be chosen as an add-on during registration.


Sessions Requirements: Passed Complete Preliminary or STAR 3 FreeSkate Test

4:00-4:30 / Silver Group
4:30-5:15 / Silver FreeSkate
5:15-5:20 / Silver Cool Down

5:30-6:20 / Silver FreeSkate
6:20-6:40 / Silver Group

5:15-6:00 / Silver Off-Ice
6:50-7:35 / Silver FreeSkate
7:35-7:50 / Silver Group


Session Requirements: Passed complete STAR 4 Freeskate Assessment

4:00-5:00 / Gold/Silver Freeskate
5:10-5:55 / Gold/Silver Spin*
*Specialty session - must be chosen as an add-on during registration.


Session Requirements: Passed Complete STAR 5 Freeskate Assessment (Elements & Program), Senior Silver/STAR 9 Dance or Senior Silver/STAR 9 Skills Test

6:30-7:30 / Gold Freeskate
7:30-7:50 / Gold Group

6:50-8:00 / Gold & Silver Group
8:00-8:20 / Gold Group

4:00-5:05 / Gold Freeskate
6:15-7:00 / Gold Conditioning 

4:20-4:50 / Gold Jump Technique
5:00-6:10 / Gold Freeskate

1:00-1:50 / Gold Off-Ice
2:00-3:20 / Gold Freeskate


Session Requirements: Any Level of STARSkate

6:00-6:20 AM / Open Group
6:20-7:20 AM / Open Freeskate

6:00-6:20 AM / Open Group
6:20-7:20 AM / Open Freeskate

Skills Development

Session Requirements: 

STAR 1-3 - for skaters from Beginner through Pre-Juvenile synchro and/or STAR 1-3 skaters who have not yet passed their STAR 4 Skills Assessment

Juv/STAR 4+ - for skaters at the Juvenile synchro and/or passed their STAR 4 Skills Assessment

10:30-11:15 Juv/STAR 4+
1:15-2:00 / STAR 1-3


Adult 3 / 8:00-8:50 PM

Intermediate / Off-Ice / 6:00-6:50 
Intermediate / On-Ice / 7:00-7:50 

Adult 2 / Off-Ice / 7:00-7:50 
Adult 2 / On-Ice / 8:00-8:50 

Pre-Novice / On-Ice / 8:30-9:20 
Pre-Novice / Off-Ice / 9:30-10:20 

Beginner 2 / On-Ice / 9:30-10:20 

Elementary / On-Ice / 11:25-12:15 
Elementary / Off-Ice / 12:20-1:05 

Pre-Juvenile / Off-Ice / 11:15-12:05
Pre-Juvenile / On-Ice / 12:15-1:05

Beginner 1 / On-Ice / 2:10-3:00

Juvenile / Off-Ice / 2:00-2:50
Juvenile / On-Ice / 3:00-3:50

Adult 1 / Off-Ice / 7:00-7:50
Adult 1 / On-Ice / 8:00-8:50



Monday - Robert French Memorial Stadium
Tuesday - Robert French Memorial Stadium
Wednesday - CBS Arena
Thursday - CBS Arena
Friday - CBS Arena
Saturday - Robert French Memorial Stadium
Sunday - CBS Arena



Session Descriptions


Skaters will be taught the basic skating skills - how to stand, fall down, get up, balance, move forward and backward - with a focus on continuous movement through fun activities to keep skaters interested in learning. 
The skater to coach ration on the ice is 10:1 or less. (Not a prerequisite for CanSkate). Skaters must turn 3 years old by the end of skating term. (March 2020) Skaters are awarded ribbons for basic skills.


This program is designed for beginners of all ages. The focus is on fun, participation and basic skill development. Returning skaters (Stages 1 to 6) and those skaters new to the program but can at least stand and move forward on their own with little to no help. (Coach ratio on this ice is 10:1 or less). Skaters are awarded Badges & ribbons for basic skills.

STAR Development

The bronze development session will allow our STAR 1 – 3 Level Skaters the chance to work on the fundamentals of skating in a group setting. During this sessions skaters will be divided into groups that will rotate through stations that are led by professional coaches and focus on things such as Skating Skills, Turns, Dance, Field Movements, Basic Spin Technique and Basic Jump Technique. Coaching fees and ice time are included in the cost. Max 26 skaters.


During a session labeled as a Freeskate session skaters are overseen by their private coaches. The registration fees for these sessions covers the ice time only. Coaching fees are billed separately by the coaches according to the arrangements made between the skater and coach. (If there is a group session in conjunction with this Freeskate session the cost of this will be included as well - Please see below). It is up to each skater’s coach how their lesson time and structure is organized. If you require assistance finding a private coach, please contact us at

  • GoldPassed Complete STAR 5 Freeskate Assessment (Elements & Program), Senior Silver/STAR 9 Dance or Senior Silver/STAR 9 Skills Test. (Max 18 Skaters)
  • Gold/SilverPassed complete STAR 4 Freeskate Assessment (Elements & Program). (Max 18 Skaters)
  • SilverPassed Complete Preliminary or STAR 3 FreeSkate Test (Elements & Program). (Max 22 Skaters)
  • Silver/BronzePassed all three STAR 1 Assessments.(Max 22 Skaters)
  • Bronze/STAR DevelopmentCompleted CanSkate Stage 6.  (Max 26 Skaters)

Group Sessions

We are pleased to offer group sessions throughout the week for all STARSkate/Competitive levels. These sessions will be led by our club’s professional coaches and will rotate through lesson topics that include Jump Technique, Edge Development, Basic Synchro Skills, Dance Elements, Endurance, Building Power, Creative Expression and more. There will also be numerous warm-up and cool down exercises done in the group session format.

The registration fee for this session covers ice time and coaching and is included in the cost of the corresponding freeskate session for that day.

Spin Sessions

The Spin session will give our skaters an opportunity to work on their spins in a group setting. During this session led by our professional coach’s skaters will be placed into groups based on level which will rotate through several stations that will cover all basic spin variations, technique, variations and much more. Coaching fees and ice time are included in the cost. Max 24 skaters for Gold/Silver and 30 Skaters for Silver/Bronze.

Skills Development

The session is run by two coaches, and each week one coach will lead the session while the other focuses on corrections and provides more individualized attention. During the year, skaters will develop their edge quality and turn quality, power, expression, posture, knee and ankle bend, extension, synchronicity, musicality and timing. This year we have two Skill Development sessions: Juvenile/Star 4+ session for skaters at the Juvenile synchro and/or STAR 4 Skills level and up; the Star 1-3 session is for skaters from Beginner through Pre-Juvenile synchro and/or STAR 1-3 Skills levels. These sessions provide an opportunity for less experienced skaters to learn from those with more experience, and more experienced skaters have an opportunity to focus on individual improvement.

Off-Ice Training

Off-Ice Training is provided in a group setting, usually in our warm room. During the session skaters will work on agility and strength training, core and balance work, athletic/skating related games specific to skating skills. 

Off-Season Skating Schools

Our Club season generally runs from October through March/April. During our off-season there are a few organizations that provide off-season skating schools that our skaters may access. Please visit our Off-Season Skating Schools page for more information on sessions and how to register.



Click here to view our full registration fee breakdown for this season:

Registration Fees