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Aside from the Pre-Bronze Club, skaters that are on the STARSkate sessions are required to have a coach that oversees their skating. It is not mandatory that they work with a coach on each session.

The coach should be someone the skater feels comfortable with, and one you both respect as an individual as well as a teacher.  You want a coach who treats your child with respect and who is interested in your child’s development as a person as well as a skater.

When looking for a coach, get information directly from the potential coaches, from our club’s website or directly from the club’s office about the coach’s coaching qualification, their coaching experience, formal education, test passed as a skater, competitive experience etc.  Talk to other parents and skater and watch how the potential coach interacts while they are teaching other skaters.  After all, you may end up paying this coach a fair amount of money over several years so take the time to find the right coach for your child. If you require a coach feel free to contact our STARSkate Technical Director to assist you with the process.

Here are a couple common concerns with regards to coaching. These are just general answers, you could consult with your coach with regards to their regulations on each of the following.


Each coach is responsible for invoicing their skaters for the lessons which they receive, at which point you are then responsible for paying the coach directly. Payments are expected to me made to the coach within 7 Days of receiving the invoice. Certain coaches may apply late fees should you not pay on time.

Lesson Time

It is up to the coach how the divide their lesson time. Lesson time is not necessarily divided evenly amongst all skaters. Each coach has the right to schedule their lessons based on the level, needs and situation of a skater. For Example: On a silver session, a Star 5 Skater preparing for Provincials may get more lesson as the competition approaches then another skater on their session. Parents and skaters must respect the coach’s decisions when it comes to this.


It is up to the coach if a skater is ready to try a test or not. It is each coaches responsibly to look out for the best interest of their skaters skating. As professionals they know when a skater is or is not ready to try a test.


The coach reserves all rights to determine which at which level a skater competes. The coaches are familiar with the requirements and standards for each session so they know where each skater belongs.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is becoming more and more popular, it allows each coach the opportunity to take on more students and ensure that everyone receives the lesson time they need. In team coaching, each skater will have their main coach which oversees everything, as well as work with other coaches who their coach has selected to help with their skaters. If you feel a certain member of a team is not best suited for your child please discuss in private with your child’s main coach.

Receiving Lessons from other Coaches

Skaters and parents are not permitted to ask coaches in which their coach does not team coach with for additional lesson. If a skater would like a lesson with another coach they are to ask their coach and see if they could arrange it.

Talking to your Coach

We encourage you to communicate with your coach frequently to make sure that everyone is on the same page. However, these discussions are to take place during a designated times arranged between you and the coach. Stopping a coach during a session or as they are getting on the ice takes lesson time away from skaters.


We cannot emphasize enough how important it us for each skater and parent to have a good understanding with their coach. Please take the time to become familiar with your coach and their expectations.