Thank you for a great 2016/17 Season - See you in October!


Congratulations on all the Fabulous Skates at Atlantics!


Hayley Dalton - 1st

Pre-Juvenile (U13)

Skye Coffey - 10th


Erin Maher - 7th


Erin Maher - 13th


Hannah Poole - 3rd
Emily Thorne - 10th


Emily Thorne - 4th
Hannah Poole - 5th
Brooke Coffey - 9th


Brooke Coffey - 1st
Brooke Andrews - 9th

STAR 5 (U13)

Alexa Pynn - 10th 

CBS Skating Club's GENESIS 
Synchro Tryouts for 2017/18 Season


The CBS Skating Club is pleased to announce open tryouts for our 2017-2018 synchro teams!

Tryouts will be held at the CBS Arena on Legion Road (the new arena) on Sunday, April 23, 2017.  You will be assigned a tryout time.

Tryout fees are $10 per skater per session. All are welcome - new and returning members!

Please complete the following: Tryout form


To help us put you in the most appropriate tryout session(s), please complete this form and return it to as soon as possible.

If you are out of town on that date, please note this on your form, we will let you know what to submit on a video for assessment.


New Synchro skaters wishing to try-out for our Beginner I team must be fully passed CanSkate Stage 3 (received their Stage 3 badge).

 Thank you for a Great Ice Show!



Photograph proofs from our Ice Show Photographer are now available online at:

Deadline extended to April 30, 2016

 Order form and etransfer can also be sent directly to,  

Don't forget to deduct the $5 you already paid! 

You may order photos from the Ice Show as well, either paper or digital.  If you have ordered a package you can get them for $3.00 each or without a package $5.00 each.


Off-Season Skating Options


Figure Skating

APEX Skating Academy Spring Registration

For more information: Click here

Regional Spring & Fall Registration

For more information and application: Click here



 APEX Skating Academy Spring CanSkate

Stages 1-6
For more information: Click here

Regional Spring & Fall CanSkate

Stages 2-6
For more information and application: Click here 


Summer Program

July 10 - August 18

For more information: Click here

Registration begins:

Provincial Team - Apr 24 10am
Elite/Snr/Interm - April 25 10 am
Jun/Acc CanSkate/Dance - April 26 10 am

Registration closes: May 26th

Congratulations to all of our Synchro Teams on a great weekend in Gander.


(from Back to Front)

Adult III - Bronze Medal
Intermediate - Gold Medal
Pre-Novice - Silver Medal
Juvenile - Silver Medal
Elementary - Gold Medal & Cornel Trophy
Beginner II - Silver Medal
Beginner I - 6th Place